Clock-type indicators (measuring heads) according to the method of obtaining results can be divided into two main groups: analog (with a circular scale) and electronic (with a digital reading device).


Digital indication in dial gauges makes it possible to accurately and quickly read the values of the measured value of the part, since the measurement result is immediately displayed on the display and there is no need for visual verification of intermediate readings on the scale, as is the case with analog indication.


Analog indication in a dial indicator - has the advantage of being able to provide a smooth change in readings in accordance with the size of the workpiece. This type of measurement is applicable when measuring in dynamic mode, for example, when determining axial or radial runout.

Indicators ideally with 1 or 2 µm graduations are ideal for precision measurement of part wear.

Digital indicators have many additional features compared to analog models, provide relative measurements and the ability to connect to a computer.



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