Микроскопы измерительные


Measuring microscopes (instrumental and universal) are designed to measure lengths, angles, thread elements, cones and various product profiles.

Methods of measurement of measuring microscopes - projection and axial section.

In Ukraine, there is currently a massive trend in the modernization of measuring microscopes by installing linear scales with a resolution of 1 and 0.5 µm and digital display units manufactured by MICROTECH®.

Thread inspection microscopes include:

1) Instrumental microscopes:

  • microscopes mod. MMI with a measurement limit of up to 75 mm;
  • microscopes mod. BMI with c.d. micrometer screw 0.005 mm or readout resolution according to a digital readout device 1 and 5 microns within the measurement range up to 150 mm.

2) Universal microscopes mod. UIM-21 or UIM-23 with c.d. 1 µm with measuring range up to 500 mm;

3) 2-coordinate measuring device of the DIP type with a readout resolution of 1 µm and a measurement range of up to 200 mm.
Type   Measuring limits along the axes, mm  
Type Division value, mm X Y Z Magnification, times Measurement
UIM-21 UIM-21 0.0002 200 one hundred one hundred 150 optical  
UIM-21Ts UIM-21Ts 0.0002 200 one hundred one hundred 210 PC+CCD  
BMI BMI 0.005 fifty 150 one hundred fifty optical  

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