Optimeter, a device for measuring linear dimensions (relative method), in which a lever-optical mechanism serves as a converting element. The lever transmission of the optimeter is a swinging mirror in the mechanism, the optical converter is an autocollimation tube.

Vertical optimeters and horizontal optimeters are designed to perform accurate linear measurements by the contact relative method.

On vertical optimeters mod. WPI can be used to measure end blocks, outer diameters of gauges and other products, diameters of balls, wires, etc.

On horizontal optimeters mod. IZG can measure both external and internal dimensions.


Type   Price, UAH
Range, mm Reading resolution, mm Magnification, times Force, N Type
IKV-3 0-180 0.001 1000X 2+/-0.2 vertical optimeter 39000
IKVC 0-180 0.001 1000X 2+/-0.2 vertical optimeter 54000
IKV-02 0-180 0.0002 1000X 1.2+/-0.2 vertical optimeter 132000
IKG-3 0-500 0.001 1650X 2+/-0.2 optimeter horizontal 114000

*Prices do not include VAT 20%

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