Today it is difficult to imagine production without the use of a precision instrument such as a micrometer.

Micrometers manufactured by Microtech are of world-class quality, accurate and reliable; micrometers manufactured by MICROTECH can be found at many manufacturing enterprises in Ukraine.


Micrometers are designed to measure absolutely any parts and sizes; in the entire line of micrometers, you can choose the one that will meet the tasks. The micrometer can measure internal and external dimensions, various holes, depths, ledges, solid and non-solid materials.

The design of the micrometer has been tested for centuries, the genius of the invention of the micrometer lies in the fact that even after centuries the original design has not undergone significant measurements. By its structure, the micrometer has the form of a bracket, and a micrometer head with a ratchet on one end of the bracket, the ratchet function to limit the measuring force.


The micrometer tool is more accurate than the caliper, the accuracy of the micrometer is 0.001mm in digital, or 0.01mm in mechanical micrometers.

The most popular are smooth micrometers of the MK series, with a scale division of 0.01 mm, as well as digital micrometers with a scale division of 0.001 mm.


The range of micrometers is very wide, everyone can find a solution to their measuring tasks.

Our advantages: all micrometers are listed in the State Register of Measuring Equipment of Ukraine, have their own individual serial number and are supplied with a passport and factory calibration.


Микрометр гладкий Микрометр гладкий повышенной точности Микрометры гладкие увеличенного диапазона Микрометр гладкий цифровой
Микрометр трубный Микрометр с малыми губками Микрометр зубомерный Микрометр с широким основанием
Микрометр универсальный Микрометр листовой Микрометр для тормозных дисков Микрометры призматические
Микрометр резьбовой Микрометры для глубоких измерений Микрометр предельный (двушкальный) Микрометры канавочные
Микрометры проволочные Микрометр для горячего проката Микрометры рычажные Швейцарские цифровые микрометры




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