In accordance with the State verification scheme, end blocks of length (KMD) serve as reference measuring instruments of 1, 2, 3, 4 categories and as workers. They play an important role in transferring the size of a unit of length to the measures that are lower in the verification scheme, when checking measures, instruments and setting them up.

Gauge blocks are used to measure parts and ME by the comparison method. Measures are completed in sets that differ from each other in quantity, size, purpose. The accuracy class is assigned to measures during manufacture or later during verification. The category is assigned during verification, depending on the certification error.

Gage blocks are mainly made of steel: steel has proven its reliability for more than 100 years. KMD steel gauges provide high wear resistance together with good bonding ability.

Reference KMD, made of steel, are carefully processed and remain reliable for many years. But, it is necessary to remember the need for constant and thorough protection of steel KMD against corrosion.

Recently, CMDs have been produced from superhard ceramics (mainly alumina). Ceramic measures, due to the properties of this material, have obvious advantages:

  • resistant to wear and scratches;
  • have minimal thermal conductivity (minimizes temperature error);
  • several times lighter (convenience of storage and operation);
  • not subject to corrosion;
  • are not magnetized;
  • have high hardness (9…9.5 on the 10-point Mohs scale).

To expand the scope of end blocks of length, there are sets of accessories for them, which allow you to perform a variety of measuring, control, marking work.

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Наборы мер длины концевых плоскопараллельных Концевые меры длины для калибровки микрометров
 Концевые меры длины для калибровки штангенциркулей Кольца для калибровки нутромеров
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