Nutromer - a measuring tool used to measure the internal dimensions of parts (holes, grooves, etc.) where it is difficult to measure with a ruler or caliper in order to achieve an accurate result.

To carry out the measurement, the inside gauge is installed on the part or inserted into it (tubes, spherical holes, etc.) the results are read using a ruler, dial, digital display or vernier, depending on what type of inside gauge you use.

On our website there are several types of bore gauges produced by MICROTECH

The most popular inside gauges include Indicator (Indicator inside gauges, Digital indicator inside gauges, Increased accuracy indicator inside gauges), they all work on the same principle, the only difference is the measurement accuracy from 0.01 mm to 0.001 mm and different indicator heads, which are divided into analog and digital.

A micrometric caliper is called an caliper, which is used to make more accurate measurements of holes by the absolute method, and has interchangeable extensions.

Inside micrometers two-point and three-point can be attributed to the most accurate instruments with a division value of 0.001 mm and small measurement ranges.

Lever inside gauges are used for measurement by the comparison method using a two-point measurement scheme, as well as a universal device that has both an indicator and a digital scale, quick results and ease of use can be attributed to the undeniable advantages of this type of inside gauges. Below is a range of bore gauges manufactured by ChNPP "MICROTECH".

Our advantages: all inside gauges are listed in the State Register of Measuring Equipment of Ukraine, have their own individual serial number and are supplied with a passport and factory calibration


 Нутромеры индикаторные Нутромеры индикаторные цифровые Нутромеры индикаторные повышенной точности Нутромеры микрометрические 2х точечные
Нутромеры микрометрические 3х точечные Нутромеры микрометрические 3х точечные расширенного диапазона Нутромеры микрометрические Установочная мера для нутромера
Нутромеры ювелирные Нутромеры рычажные Нутромеры электронные  

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