In the USSR and the CIS, factories in Russia and Belarus owned a monopoly on the production of industrial vices for metalwork and machine vices, while the range of vices lagged noticeably behind the European one, not changing for decades. In Ukraine, in Soviet times, as consumer goods, they produced a couple of models of small metalwork vise, which are no longer produced today.

Revival of Ukrainian industry in 2000-2007 caused an increased demand for high-quality industrial vices, incl. special (globe vice, sinus vice, pipe vice, synchronous vice, coordinate vice).

Kharkiv MICROTECH® in 2005 began SKD assembly in the ISO 9001:2000 quality system of metalwork vices and machine vices (European range) at Ukrainian prices and European standards of accuracy.




Тиски станочные поворотные



Тиски станочные координатные


Тиски станочные глобусные

Тиски станочные лекальные



Тиски станочные синусные  



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