Rulers are curved and rulers checking, plates are intended for carrying out checking works. A wide range of calibration lines and slabs made of natural granite. The natural properties of granite (lack of internal stresses, high hardness, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high damping coefficient) give a significant advantage to granite slabs and calibration rulers.


Dimensions, mm Flatness, µm Non-parallelism, microns
ShDG-300-00 300x30x50 1.2 1.8  
ShDG-300-0 300x30x50 2.0 3.0  
ShDG-500-00 500x40x80 1.6 2.4  
ShDG-500-0 500x40x80 2.6 3.9  
ShDG-630-00 630x50x80 2 3  
ShDG-630-0 630x50x80 4 five  
ShDG-1000-00 1000x60x120 3 4.5  
ShDG-1000-0 1000x60x120 five 7.5  
ShDG-1600-00 1600x80x180 4 6.6  
ShDG-1600-0 1600x80x180 7.5 11.1  
SHDG-2000-00 2000x80x200 5.4 8.1  
ShDG-2000-0 2000x80x200 10 13.5  

*Prices do not include VAT 20%

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