Calipers are used to measure outside and inside dimensions. Calipers can also be used to measure depths and ledges.

Single-sided calipers for external and internal measurements. They include ShTs-III in accordance with GOST 166-89, as well as ShTs-III for deep measurements with a range of up to 4000 mm and a length of measuring jaws up to 300 mm.


Type   wholesale price,
Range, mm Division value, mm Jaw length, mm
ShTs-ІІІ-450/100 (0.02) 0-450 0.02 one hundred Order
ShTs-ІІІ-500/100 (0.02) 0-500 0.02 one hundred 71
ШЦ-ІІІ-1000/100 (0.02) 0-1000 0.02 one hundred 244
ШЦ-ІІІ-1500/100 (0.02) 0-1500 0.02 one hundred 531
ShTs-III-2000/100 (0.02) 0-2000 0.02 one hundred Order


*Prices do not include VAT

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