MICROTECH ® cutting tool is a tool designed to change the shape and dimensions of the workpiece being processed by removing part of the material in the form of chips or sludge in order to obtain a finished part or semi-finished product. Subdivided:

  • by type of application - for manual and machine (machine), construction, assembly, etc.
  • according to the type of material being processed - metal cutting, wood cutting, etc.,
  • according to the type of material used - high-speed cutting, for high-speed processing, etc.,
  • by type of workpiece - gear-cutting, thread-forming, etc.,
  • by the nature of processing - abrasive, grinding, etc.,
  • according to the purity of the processed surface - roughing, semi-roughing, finishing, semi-finishing, super-finishing.


The MICROTECH ® drill is a two-cutter or, more rarely, a single-cutter cutting tool with a rotary cutting movement and an axial feed movement, designed to make holes in a continuous layer of material. It consists of a cutting part, a working part and a shank. The working part is an Archimedes screw and serves to remove chips from a drilled hole.

Die and lerka MICROTECH ® - a thread-cutting tool for cutting external threads by hand or machine. At present, the division into dies and lerks has ceased to exist.

MICROTECH ® taps are used for cutting internal threads. The tap is a screw with cut straight or helical flutes that form cutting edges. The working part of the tap has a cutting and calibrating part. Taps can be used on lathes, drilling machines and machining centers, as well as for manual threading.


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