This section presents templates and probes manufactured by Microtech.

Templates are divided into several types:


Radius templates, Angular templates and threaded templates.


Radius templates are used to measure the radii of curvature of products. Such templates are made in the form of thin steel plates with convex or concave rounding. On each template there are engraved numbers showing the size of the radius in mm. Radius gauges are used to measure the radii of concave or convex curves on parts, such as fillets on crankshaft journals.


Feeler gauges are used to measure the gap between parts. The probe is a plate having a different thickness ranging from 0.05 mm, assembled in a set with increasing thickness. In fact, each plate has its own specific thickness. Feeler gauges are an indispensable tool for measuring between parts, for example between a piston and an engine cylinder. The feeler gauge is ideal for adjusting valve clearance.



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