Stangeninstrument (from German Stange - “rod, rod” and Latin instrumentum - “tool”) is the general name for a series of devices for measuring the internal and external dimensions of parts.

Due to its simple design and reliability of measurement, as well as ease of operation, the caliper tool can be attributed to the most popular tool for measuring length.


Stangeninstrument is a group of universal measuring instruments, which are currently used in various industries, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, repair enterprises, etc. for measuring internal and external dimensions up to 4000 mm, and when carrying out other work related to measurements.


When measuring with a caliper, a direct measurement method is used, which makes it possible to obtain the actual value of the measured quantity.


The caliper tool has a wide range of various designs that differ in the configuration of the measuring surfaces and their location. A special-purpose caliper tool is widely applicable for measuring the outer and inner dimensions of grooves, grooves, grooves, the distance between the axes, wall thickness, and when measuring small diameters.


The caliper tool can be equipped with auxiliary measuring surfaces and devices to increase the functionality of the tool, for example, to measure ledges, heights, etc.


To the caliper include caliper depth gauges, caliper height gauges, calipers, caliper gauges.



Shtangenreysmus (shtangenreysmass) - Is a bench tool. It is used for measuring heights, marking parts, measuring the depth of holes. A caliper is similar to a caliper but is mounted on a base in a vertical plane.


Depth gauge - used to measure depths, grooves, holes, grooves, ledges, grooves, etc. The main difference from the caliper is the absence of movable jaws on the bar. The depth gauge consists of a rod for taking measurements and a frame with a vernier. When measuring, the working part of the rod is inserted into the measured groove, and the frame with the vernier is lowered to the stop and fixes the measurement readings.


Microtech produces today both mechanical and digital caliper depth gauges.




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