To measure angles, different types of goniometers with vernier, sine or optical goniometers are used.

Goniometers are used to measure external and internal angles by contact method.

Goniometer type (2-2) UN 127, also known as Semenov goniometer, a popular and easy-to-use goniometer in the Microtech production line with a range of 0-320 degrees is used to measure external and internal angles by various combinations of goniometer parts that create the desired angle.

Protractor type 3-5 vernier protractor with a magnifying glass, used to measure external and internal angles, a considerable measurement range from 0 to 360 degrees.

Protractor UTs-360 by the type of "bar" - can be attributed more to level gauges, very convenient for comparative measurements of different angles.

Our advantages: all goniometers are listed in the State Register of Measuring Equipment of Ukraine, have their own individual serial number and are supplied with a passport and factory calibration according to ISO 17025.

Type     Price, EUR  
Range, deg Division price, ang. min. Error, ang. min Base length, mm Indication



Type 2-2 (UN-127) 0-320 2 ±2 150 graduir. 85
UC-360 0-360 6 ±12 150 digital 120  
Type 3-5 0-360 five ±10 150+300 graduir. 75
Type 3e-1 0-360 one ±10 150+300 digital 420  

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