A square is a device used to check and mark the mutual perpendicularity of workpieces and surfaces of parts. There are various curved and metalwork squares with a wide base.

Squares are used in production and in places where it is necessary to determine the exact angle between the sides of workpieces or parts. In the manufacture of the square, various materials are used, granite, steel, metal, as well as a combination of these materials.

Curved squares are used to check and control the perpendicular arrangement of the corners of parts during various metalwork assembly and patterning work, as well as to check the accuracy of machine tools, vices, and various types of parts.

Lekalny squares are issued 0 and 1 classes. They are often made from high quality steel and hardened during the manufacturing process.


Size, mm Accuracy class Material Design
ULP-160 class.0 160x100 0 steel Curved flat  
ULP-200 class 0 200x130 0 steel Curved flat  
ULP-200 class 1 200x130 one steel Curved flat  
UL-63 class 0 630x40 0 steel Patterned (tiles)  
UL-80 class.0 80x50 0 steel Patterned (tiles)  
UL-100 class 0 100x63 0 steel Patterned (tiles)  
ULU-630 630x400 0.1.2 steel Curved reinforced  
ULU-1000 1000x630 0.1.2 steel Curved reinforced  
ULU-1600 1600x1000 0.1.2 steel Curved reinforced  
ULU-2000 2000x1250 0.1.2 steel Curved reinforced  
ULG-100 100x63 00 granite Curved (granite)  
ULG-160 160x100 00 granite Curved (granite)  
ULG-250 250x160 00 granite Curved (granite)  
ULG-400 400x250 00 granite Curved (granite)  
ULG-630 630x400 00 granite Curved (granite)  
ULG-1000 1000x630 00 granite Curved (granite)  
ULTs-300 300x100 0 steel Curved cylindrical  
UL-200 class 0 200x130 0 steel Patterned (tiles)  
ULP-50 50x40 0 steel Curved flat  
ULP-100 100x70 0 steel Curved flat  
ULU-800 800x500 one steel Curved reinforced  

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