Instrument upgrades


We provide services for repair, calibration, restoration and verification of the entire range of measuring instruments: rulers, micrometers, calipers, thickness gauges, wall gauges, dial gauges and other measuring equipment.


The average age of technological and control - measuring equipment at Ukrainian enterprises exceeds 30 years: it is possible that your equipment causes a headache.


For all Ukrainian enterprises today, the task of saving money on purchases through affordable modernization of the machine tools and laboratory equipment available at the enterprises is even more urgent, while three obvious advantages should be noted:

  • aged frames (machine tools and instruments) provide stable accuracy parameters due to natural aging, being preferred over the frames of modern equipment;
  • modern certified measuring instruments manufactured in 2009 guarantee the quality and competitiveness of the products;
  • the use by the plant of its naturally aged frames, complete with available (Ukrainian-made) certified measuring instruments for linear displacements, guarantees an absolutely best technical result with minimal financial outlays and additional savings when performing modernization work by your specialists.


Since 2005, we have been successfully implementing a program for the modernization of outdated factory equipment through the production and supply of MICROTECH ® measuring equipment for monitoring micron and submicron sizes:

  • digital indication blocks (3 coordinates) and linear scales (with a division value of 1 micron for "Soviet" metal-cutting machines or replacement of damaged imported linear scales with Kharkov ones;
  • blocks of digital indication (3 coordinates) with linear scales (division 0.5 microns or 1 microns) for "Soviet" measuring microscopes BMI, MMI, UIM-21, UIM-23, etc.;
  • digital indication units (3 coordinates) with linear scales (scale division 0.5 µm or 1 µm), 1MIGTS indicators (scale division 1 µm), M-200 (Micro) and M-220 systems (scale division 0.01 and 0 .1 µm) for "Soviet" measuring machines ISM, optimeters IKG and IKV.



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